The success of a large cleaning system depends mainly on Ultrasonic Generators and Transducers. We offer efficient ECO-Generators. Due to their compact design they require less space and are usable in a raw environment. This is allowed by an indirect cooling which ensures that the cooling air does not get in contact with the electronic components.

The generators all-purpose housing allows the application as a table top version in 19'' switch boards or DIN-rails. The ECO's power spectrum includes 750 W to 1500 W for tube resonators and immersing transducers.

Eco generator


  • Table top version, 19“-Rack mounted version, DIN-rail-mounting or wall fastening.

  • Three free programmable relay outputs.

  • Five DC-isolated 24 V inputs, for external power setting.

  • Fully automatic control and monitoring.

  • Overtemperature and overcurrent turn off.

  • Protected spelling short-circuit and no-load operation.

  • Coefficient of efficiency >90 %.

  • Optional communication via RS-232 interface.

  • Designed for tube resonators, immersing transducers and transducer plate fitted to tanks.


Technical Data

  • Frequency-20, 25, 30, 40 kHz ± 1 kHz (automatic control).

  • Power -750-3000 W.

  • Dimensions table top version (B x L x T )-105 x 155 x 390 mm.


Tube resonator


  • Very intensive and homogeneous sound field due to 360°Radiation.

  • Low weight and volume allows mounting in confined spaces.

  • Possible to mount in pressure and vacuum tanks.

  • No dirt deposit onto the radiation surface.

  • Ideal retrofit for existing tanks.

  • Multiple application thanks to different mounting lengths.

  • Low power consumption due to high coefficient of efficiency (>92 %).


Immersible Transducers

  • Customer-specific dimensions .

  • Homogeneous sound field through optimal array of the transducer elements.

  • Suitable for all tub materials .

  • High temperature resistance.

  • Various installation options: side hanging, floor mounting, cable conduit, wall bushing.

  • Frequencies: 20, 30, 40, 80 kHz.


Immersible Box

This is available in different sizes, with different output power.