High Precision Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Highest Cleaning Quality Through Advanced Industrial Cleaning Techniques

Till today, many industries use chlorinated solvents for cleaning various components. Although solvent based cleaning system like ultrasonic vapor degreasing systems does give good cleaning results but adopting new technology has become imperative to avoid use of highly chlorinated solvents due to strict environmental regulations worldwide.

A highly advanced semi-automated / automated high efficiency ultrasonic cleaning systems are built depending on the job specifications. High quality aqueous solutions not only offer efficient alternative cleaning but also allow maximum environment & labor protection, highest cleaning quality with better output, low solution & energy consumption, easier waste disposal etc.

We at ROOP TELSONIC offer you highly sophisticated & modern AQUEOUS BASED ultrasonic cleaning systems consisting of various cleaning, rinsing & drying stages. Depending on the cleaning tasks, complete systems are provided with filtration & recovery units, oil separators. The desired cleaning result is achieved by rotation, lifting/lowering movements of the baskets.