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RTUL was founded in 1982 and is the market leader in Ultrasonic instrumentation. The Company started its activities from Mumbai with the production of high efficiency Ultrasonic Transducers for non-destructive testing. Transducers being the vital component for ultrasonic instrumentation, gave immediate recognition to the Company in the non-destructive testing field. The Company started manufacturing ultrasonic flaw detectors and thickness gauges in the year 1985 and was the first to introduce microprocessor based flaw detector in the year 1986. The Company's Research and Development wing has developed a number of new instruments like the smallest flaw detector, single element transducer thickness gauge, concrete tester, liquid level indicator, pest repeller, etc.

With the increased development and increased volume of production, the Company acquired additional space in the Gandhinagar Electronic Zone. In 1992, the Company entered into collaboration with M/s Telsonic AG, Switzerland, a world leader in ultrasonic technology for the manufacture of Plastic and Metal Welding and Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment. With this manufacturing base, the Company established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of ultrasonic machines for industrial application in the South East Asian region. The Company further expanded its manufacturing base in 1997 with a view to consolidate its position in the market. The Company is always on the look out for delivering the latest in ultrasonic technology to the industry. The Company has also started a software division to incorporate window based applications in its complete range of instrumentation.